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My symptoms are gone, why should I continue seeing the doctor?

Symptoms may appear late in a health problem, and are early to change and disappear when you begin Chiropractic care. However, the spinal problem called subluxation (that caused the symptoms) does not go away as quickly. Dr. London is trained to treat the cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. Before you received chiropractic care, your body had to compensate for poor spinal alignment and function. Your nervous system, which runs through your spine, could not function properly and this eventually contributed to your health problems. It is easy for the spine to fall into old patterns of misalignment and malfunction. That is why Dr. London will re-evaluate your progress at regular intervals. At each evaluation, he will suggest options for continuing care, even if your symptoms are gone.

How long do I have to continue with treatment?

The duration of a treatment plan is largely dependent on the presenting condition as well as your individual goals for treatment. For instance, if someone comes in as soon as a problem arises then it is easier to determine the exact structures affected. If however if things are left for a longer period of time before seeking treatment, it is often difficult to arrive at a tissue-specific diagnosis. Now this is not to say that the problem cannot be treated if left longer; it may just take more time to resolve.  Also, if your goal is simply pain relief then this would take less time than if your goal was long term functional improvement and lifestyle change. For many people their need is for immediate pain relief but this is only part of the story. Once the pain is gone we have a tendency to forget about the problem and cease treatment. However, there are often underlying muscle imbalances that lead to the symptoms of pain. Until these issues are dealt with, the problem will return. It is for this reason that there are three stages of treatment(see Chiropractic Care-under New Patient Center>What to Expect).

Conditions we treat

  • Headaches 
  • TMJ syndrome 
  • Neck pain or neck stiffness
  • Shoulder problems
  • Upper Limb
  • Mid Back Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Pelvis & Hip
  • Lower Limb

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Literally a miracle worker, Dr. London is as good as it gets.

Estee Djeddah
Brookline, MA

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